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Tree Planting


The big question has to be what type of soil do you have now?  Is it sandy soil
or is it clay soil?  When planting trees and shrubs in sandy soil, you must
incorporate some type of organic matter to help hold all of the moisture that you
can.  In heavy clay soils, it is better that you use the same clay soil because you are creating a planting hole that may not drain well.  The addition of organic matter will
act like a sponge and may result in a dead plant because of too much water in the
root area.


 Flower areas must have a well prepared soil mix.  Soil manure, nature helper or
any local organic material that is available in your area.  Mix the soil and materials
well and I like to raise or mound the flower area because it adds to the landscape
look.  After planting the flowers, mulch with mini-bark or other mulch material to
help hold moisture and help to maintain a more even temperature.


 Perennial and ground cover areas should have a good soil mix for proper growth.  The soil needs to be loose by incorporating organic materials.  Thoroughly mix the soil
and the organic together before planting.  With a good soil mix, you have happy
plants for years to come for your enjoyment.



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