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Tree Pruning


General tree pruning is done during the winter or early spring.  Duringearly spring, the cambium or the or the layer just below the bark ismost active and the pruning cuts will heal much more quickly, thenif it is done at any other times of the year.

 NOTE: Maple treeís will tend to bleed more during the winter andearly spring that is the reason why maple sap is flowing in Vermontat this time of the year.  They turn Maple Sap into Maple Syrup.

Tree trimming, may be done at almost any time of the year withoutdamage to the tree.  Take a little precaution by painting all wounds 3/4inch or more in diameter with a Tree Wound Paint.

Flowering trees like Flowering Dogwood, Redbud, Cherry or Crab-apple should be pruned after the blooming season is over, so you can enjoy their flowers.

Extensive tree surgery should be done by a Certified Arborist.  Thehave the knowledge and the right safety equipment to get the job done right.Make sure that the Arborist has the proper License, is Bonded and has Insurance.  When you ask for proof of Insurance, get it in writing from the Insurance Company.  If he gives you a phone number to call for proof, it might be that you are calling a person that is not an insurance agent at all.  You may be talking to his friend that will declare that he has insurance. 

Donít try removing a large tree by yourself.  I had a homeowner call

me for a recommendation of a Arborist.  I gave him a two of companies to call.  Both prices were too high.  The homeowner and son decided that they would cut the tree down themselves on a Saturday afternoon.  Which was a costly mistake because the tree hit the corner of the house, landed on the large deck, put a hole on the roof, siding destroyed and a broken down deck.  This cost the homeowner a lot more than if he had the Arborist do the job correctly in the first place.



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