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What does trees add to today’s environment?  Trees provide clean-air, shade for summer climate, real value to your property, screen bad environmental views, soften architecture building flaws, and yes even family memories.Great trees also include many flowering trees and some give way to a beautiful fruit set that may last long into the months.

If you have a new home or a property without trees this spring is excellent time to plant.  Here are some recommended varieties to consider:  Willow Oak, Scarlet Oak, October Glory, Maple, Skyline Honey Locust, Alman Elm, River Birch, Prairie View Crabapple, Red Jade Crabapple, Cherokee White Dogwood, and Toro Crape Myrtle.  The tree you select will depend on the height and width of your home and property.  How much room you do have for the tree to grow?  Large trees should not be planted closer then 75 ft. from the house.  This will help to prevent damage to the house.

Locate and plant trees to help control energy costs.  A shade tree planted on south west side of the house will help air condition your home. You can reduce greenhouse gases and address global warming by planting trees.  One of the greenhouse gases causing most of damage is Carbon Dioxide.  Trees love this gas.  Carbon Dioxide is taken out of the air and is used in photosynthesis.  Photosynthesis is the process where plants make food.  Another part of this equation carbon is stored in the wood and living tissues of trees.

When fall season comes trees drop their leaves and they decay over time and release the carbon into the soil.  This improves soil for great plant growth and your soil benefits from the carbon stored in the organic matter.  Carbon is also stored in trees

For hundreds of years or in your furniture lumber and many other wood products.Trees also serve as a shelter and food supply for a large group of wildlife animals.







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